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A prized gem of the St. Thomas Athletics Department, O’Shaughnessy Stadium is the home field for the St. Thomas football team. Built in 1947, the stadium has served as an one of the most iconic MIAC fields, hosting numerous NCAA playoff games and the statewide phenomenon of the annual Tommie-Johnnie football game. O’Shaughnessy Stadium has been the home to 19 MIAC titles for the Tommies, 5 of which have come in the last seven years. The field also serves as an open location for the ultimate frisbee club team, and various intramural leagues.


O’Shaughnessy Stadium is named for Ignatius O’Shaughnessy, St. Thomas graduate and philanthropist, who came to St. Thomas after being expelled from St. John’s University for skipping evening vespers. One fateful train ride landed him in downtown St. Paul, where O’Shaughnessy met Father James Dolphin, the president of St. Thomas. After a warm meal and heartfelt conversation, O’Shaughnessy was accepted into the University of St. Thomas, eventually graduating to become an exceptional philanthropist, with donations including $8.5 million to St. Thomas. His name on the stadium provides fuel to the fiery rivalry between St. John’s and St. Thomas that continues to this day.